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AL Garage Door Solutions (Pty) Ltd supplies, installs & repairs all types of garage doors across South Africa.

Garage doors influence the aesthetics of your establishment, making it is well worth investing in a stylish door option. Not just to create a good look, this is also an important security feature that allows for added safety and protection at home or work.

As hijacking is a reality in our country, quick access to your property is a safety enhancement for any property owner. Automated garage doors are safe and convenient. If your automated garage door is not operating properly, it affects your garage opening motor and in turn hinders your safety on a daily basis – this is why you need a trusted brand behind you.

Our automated garage doors are installed with a dominator and DC remote motor which has a back-up battery in the event of power failure. They are fitted without a battery back-up option and a safety auto-reserve feature should something fall on its path.

AL Garage Door Solutions (Pty) Ltd also supplies, installs & repairs any garage doors. We inspect and repair. Boasting a wide range of designs and all our installations are carried out by garage door experts. Our automated garage doors are available in a single and double door.

AL Garage Door Solutions (Pty) Ltd strives to offer quality service at an affordable price.

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